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Honoring those members of the St. Jude Choir of Men and Boys, St. Mark's Men's Choir, Schola Sancti Josephi and Assumption Schola who have joined the choirs of angels.

Fr. J.J. Ording -- Founding pastor of St. Jude Church and long-time choir chaplain.


Guy Aprea -- A choir member for many years, continued as a friend of the choir long after he moved out of the parish.


Dave Alexander -- The choir's crucifer for many years.


Larry O'Brien -- Long-time leader of the bass section, former president of the choir and crucifer.


Norm Schlaff -- Champion of the inaugural Fr. J. J. Ording Golf Tournament.


Dick Keenan -- Long-time bass, was president of the choir during its last years at St. Jude.


Lou Calcaterra -- Friend of the choir, employer to many of its members, candle-bearer.


George F. Schaefer -- The man who started it all.


Eric Filipek -- Our very talented accompanist at St. Joseph Church who passed away tragically at too young an age.


Ron Craig -- One of Mr. Schaefer's original choirboys in 1964. Champion of the inaugural G.F.S. Memorial Golf Classic.


Julius "Bud" Wenzl -- Long-time member of the bass section.


Carmen Rosetti -- "The Barber" was a tenor and a lovable character.


Warren Carrier -- Long-time member of the tenor section whose son, Don, sang the lead tenor solo in "The Crucifixion."


Edward Chesney -- Sang in the St. Jude Choir in the pre-GFS era, contributed many beautiful pieces of artwork to the choir room, most notably the statue "David." Continued as a friend of the Assumption Schola.


John D'Aoust -- Possibly one of the nicest men to have walked the planet Earth, Mr. D'Aoust sang bass for many years and like his art teacher Ed Chesney, contributed beautiful artwork to the choir room, most notably "The Choirboy" statue.


Ray Zaporski -- Although never a member of the St. Jude choir, Ray was a friend of GFS and the bass soloist for "The Crucifixion" canatata. He remained a loyal friend of the choir in the ensuing years.


John Lazzeri -- Another one of the nicest men ever was a long-time bass in the St. Jude Choir who enjoyed a back-row gag in practice as much as any of the younger guys. John stayed in touch with the Assumption Schola right to the end.


Fr. Thomas Schaefer -- GFS's twin brother who married, baptized and confirmed us, and encouraged and supported the choir even after GFS's passing.

Larry Kramer -- The mild-mannered tenor who the men affectionately called "Gomer."